In Uncategorized on March 12, 2012 at 5:32 pm

So back to work after what was an extremely busy weekend entertaining my wife and family. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to wander to Nonsuch mansion and enjoy the warm weather.


Unfortunately my run of sickness fun continued today, as I had what I thought to be a standard appointment at Sutton Eye Hospital for a photo of my left eye. What transpired was a longer than expected wait (why am I surprised). When i was eventually seen (1 hour later), I was given drops (in both eyes) to make them dilate for the camera.

At this point, I am sure those familiar with the process will know that it makes your eyes sensitive to light and blurred for several hours, so I was next to useless for most of the morning. Doh!

So after trying and failing to read emails, I then attended two meeting with key suppliers without any idea who I was talking too! OK. Over exaggerated!

Although the weekend was quiet in the technology area, I found out that my BT line now supports Infinity and as my new BT router supports this upgrade, I thought I would see if they would do me a deal. I was sure they want people moved to this service, which offers 10 times the speed of their normal service. Hmm. How wrong you can be. The service is nearly double the price!

And I upgraded my Apple devices to 5.1. Again I reflected on how easy it is compared to a major Windows patch with just a click, a commitment to new terms and a 5 minute wait. Fab!

To close, a spot the difference competition today referring back to my camera shot from the weekend. Without referring back, can you spot the obvious difference?



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