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I started the week with a follow up eye appointment this morning at Sutton Hospital. Far from an ideal way to start the week, but at least I had a bit of a lie in!

In light of my alcohol filled social calendar last week, today’s picture is of a local pub just around the corner to our office, which I am pleased to say that I have not had the chance to visit yet. The question is what is its name?


Thankfully I’m pleased to say that I have now been discharged after this mornings eye appointment and according to the specialist, my eyes seem to have made a full recovery from my recent infection.

This afternoon, I was at our head office in Great Portland Street to interview two internal candidates for the role of Head Of Project Management with Lance and a panel of SThree folk. By the time these were completed, I only had enough time to head back to Bank and do a quick catch up on email, which thanks to Good and iPass was minimal.

Then it was a quick clothes change in to my running gear, as tonight is the first time I have completed the relatively short jog from Bank to Waterloo and although I was always expecting to turn a few heads, as I walked through the office, I probably got more than I bargained for!

Fingers crossed, I will be able to walk tomorrow, as also planning a cycle ride this evening. As I write, I’ve just completed my 2 mile jog in 20 minutes. Phew it was tough going….



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Today was a vey relaxing day after what has been a very busy social and work week.

Todays picture is another landmark picture and hopefully a bit easier than the one yesterday, which was clearly masked by the low lying rain clouds!


Can you spot the landmark peeking out?

Today myself and Thomas committed ourselves to the London to Brighton BHF night ride in 4 weeks time, as we went out and purchased a bike for Thomas. As it won’t be ready until tomorrow, our training is deferred for one more day.

It’s going to be quite a challenge getting fit in just under a month, but hopefully some cycling and running will get me in good shape quickly.

On a technical note, I’ve had a good play with the iPass Mi-Fi device and been very impressed. As ever with these things, the battery just does not seem to last long enough and I seem to spend my life now charging gadgets!

Anyhow Blog over, as some quiet time on a Sunday evening before bed….


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As expected, a bit of a hangover this morning after last nights party to celebrate our office opening!


Today’s picture is another landmark photo. In the left hand corner is a famous wheel. No clues for the ground!

In terms of yesterday’s puzzle, it was the Shard by London Bridge.

Last night’s party was very cool. These pictures show what a good time we were having.



This morning, we were up early, as the whole family had tickets to see Millwall versus Blackpool at home with Paul, Len, Les and Nicola Bridges.

It was a great performance for Millwall, although unable to record their 6th straight win.

After the game, we had one or two jars in the Lord Palmerston in Deptford, with one oft two faces from my distant past and my Dad.

A late Blog today, as it’s been a long day….


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It’s Friday and party day for our new office. It’s certainly been a fun first week and I’m loving working in the city, as I feel that I am close to my roots (is that a song title?).


Today I kick start my month of unusual photos from the city and a puzzle. So today, can you identify the new London landmark making its appearance on the landscape?

Last night was indeed footy night and my legs are certainly feeling weary after about 6 weeks of doing nothing! Hopefully they recover over the weekend, as I will also start jogging next week.

I got an opportunity to play with a new toy yesterday. A Mi-Fi device that we got, as part of a recent iPass deal we did.

For those who are not familiar, the device, which is about the size of a small mobile provides your own wireless hotspot using a 3G connection. In simple terms, I now have Internet connectivity pretty much wherever I can get a mobile connection for my iPod touch. So no excuses for a late Blog anymore!

This morning at work, I spent most of my time working on our budget re-forecasts and updates for Connect. Thankfully decent progress made on both with hopefully the re-forecast complete.

It’s now time to issue an early Blog, as we are off partying at Folly’s. Enjoy your weekends. I’m looking forward to mine, as going Millwall tomorrow….


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It’s Thursday and tonight, after several weeks of injuries, I am back playing football. I bet the rest of the team are not as excited as me!


Another Mexico picture today and this time of the happy couple with their parents. What a wonderful day this was.

This morning started with a full IT management meeting at work. We went through the usual agenda of updates from Lance Fisher, our CIO, Paul Chandler on Infrastructure upgrades and various others on projects. As always, we finished voting for our MVP (most valuable player for April).

In the afternoon, I got an opportunity to catch up with some priorities with connect the world before tackling my favourite subject of our Exchange migration.

After a number of time outs on the Exchange migration project, we now have a clear plan, which is, I’m pleased to say, the implementation of archiving before migrating our users to 2010!

This will be communicated officially in the next day or so, but will mean virtually unlimited mailboxes in the next 5-6 weeks and the end of PST’s! Phew.

So, as I finish my Blog, I’ve left football and on my way home. It was rough tonight, so the body is going to ache on the morning….


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My birthday Blog. How pleased am I that I decided to work today instead of going fishing! Drought. How on earth can there be a drought?


Another Mexico picture to share today. One of my favourite moments was a visit to Tulum ruins and a bit of sunbathing on the local beach. As you can see, the weather was a tad better! Not a bad view when sinking a Corona!

Today had a mixed bag of meetings at work.

Early morning, I met with Marc Christophides, who works directly to me as our Support Manager to evolve our global service strategy.

Later in the morning we met again with James Maltby, our Head of Strategy, to discuss staff rewards and career development, as the 3 of us have actions following our recent staff survey.

The morning concluded with a meeting to discuss Data Loss Prevention (DLP). We’ve just kick started a project to look at protecting our key business assets.

After a quick lunch to get the cakes for the department to celebrate my birthday (surely should be the other way around), I caught up with some email before heading off early.

I wonder what wonderful surprises my family have in store for me at home (if they have remembered)?

Before signing off, I cannot go without mentioning Chelsea. I watched the game last night, and it will go down, as one the most exciting games ever. Unbelievable, but absolutely brilliant….


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Today, as I walked across London Bridge, I considered a topic for my Blog for May, which might be guess the location from random pictures I take before and after work!


Today’s picture has nothing to do with this at all, although it is a random picture from my recent Mexico holiday.

In case you’ve never experienced a dolphin push, this is a picture of me being lifted out if the water by two of the wonderful creatures, as part of our visit to Dolphin Discovery.

Today was the first day of work for the latest recruit to my team, Rebecca Smith, who heads up our Business Relationship function. We agreed a transfer deal for her with HR during the Easter period.

After a induction session with her first thing, I and two of my team then had a two hour meeting with BT to discuss our Global Wide Area Network. This is the network that carries the services we provide to the business, whether you are in Perth, San Francisco or Bristol!

After that we had a Infrastructure roadmap meeting to discuss the ongoing challenges of migrating to Exchange 2010. Suffice to say, more will be forth coming on this over the next few days.

After a quick bite to eat, I had staff salary meetings for 3 of my direct reports and then a meeting regarding the pain points in our service highlighted by Connect The World.

It’s certainly been a busy day. Especially with some key SThree staff taking the chance to visit and be given a tour.

It was good to see the Playstation setup in our new office being given a thorough testing today (Fifa 2012) by some of the operations, development and infrastructure chaps. Roll on Zumba.

My Blog is late tonight, as Chelsea have thrashed Barcelona. Yippeee….


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Today we opened successfully our new office in Bank with a breakfast reception and what a glorious morning it was to start our tenure in London. Walking across London Bridge was an absolute pleasure in the morning sun.


Months of hard work from a number of individuals has paid off and as I’ve not had a chance to distribute an email yet at work, I will say a big thank you now to those who follow my Blog (poor souls).

Thankfully there were very few issues today. With the kitchen furniture coming tomorrow and everyone now unpacked, maybe I, as well as some others will get some Zumba practice on the Wii in the breakout area!

Now that the move is out of the way, my focus is now back on delivering a number of other important projects that have taken a bit of a backseat over the last couple of weeks.

Today’s diary was a fairly good reflection of some of the priorities after a morning of organising my new desk and clearing out my email backlog.

We started with a meeting to discuss the global roll out of Citrix Receiver to a wider set of customers and then the aggressive plan to rollout an enhancement to our sales tool, which involves a significant investment in manpower to roll out support and deploy new equipment.

In between that, I had a service meeting that was long overdue with our domain name hosting provider.

The day was finished off with a short briefing to all staff, as an official welcome to our new office.

As I sign off, it’s been a long day, but a very successful one considering we have relocated nearly 100 technical staff and equipment with minimal disruption.

Tomorrow’s diary is full, so no time to sit still and take it easy….


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Well, did we ever think we could follow Mexico. Yes, we had a good go at it last night!


I’m biased, but last nights wedding reception goes down as one of the best. It would be unfair to try to document the evening in one Blog, as it would not do it justice, but I will pick out two highlights.

The first highlight was the dirty dancing lift section of the evening. After the ushers lifting a number of the girls in the party on holiday, I was drafted in as a replacement last night, as Nick fractured his knee during practice earlier this week.

Although Keeley was pretty easy to lift, as you can see from the photos, my brother Mark (Shrek), was a bit more difficult!



The other highlight was the Ice Cream van that serviced the party crowd all night. Keeley being the game girl she is ended up serving her Uncle’s his selection.


Yesterday concluded the end of a very proud period for me. How lucky am I to have such a special set of family and friends. As promised previously, I will endeavour to drop more pictures from this period in to my Blog over the coming weeks!

Tomorrow my new office goes live at Bank. According to my team, all is set to go.

Tomorrow will be my first blog from the City…..


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It’s the weekend and I had a bit of an heavy head after a long afternoon of drinking in Wimbledon. Thankfully we don’t move too often!


This morning, after a reunion with Grainne’s sister Mary and her husband Dave, it was off to the wedding reception evening with my niece Keeley and Will.

The venue looks brilliant and we are all looking forward to a right good family knees up this evening!

Today Millwall have made it 5 wins on the bounce with a superb win at the tractor boys. When I took a break from writing my Blog earlier this month, they were deep in trouble. Now they are heading towards a mid-table position.

Anyhow it’s now time to party. I’m sure there will be plenty to share tomorrow…

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