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When starting to write my blog this evening, I considered how many hours of my working week have been taken up with meetings this week. If you exclude yesterday when I enjoyed a very long lunch, over 75% of my working week was taken up.

Oh what it’s like to be at the top (if only)!

Clearly my passionate plea for sponsorship in relation to the BHF cycle ride is not quite having the effect I would hope, as it has not increased in the last 24 hours. If it does not move over the next 2-3 days, I might have to go a step further and offer to have my head shaved (waste of time really) or do it in the nude (now no one wants that)!

On a related charity matter, I also launched an SThree team today in relation to the Samsung Hope Relay charity, which is a application and challenge that Samsung are running to raise money for good causes. Although I’ve named the team after my company, I encourage all my friends and family to join (that’s about 10 of you then)!

Yesterday’s landmark picture was All Hallows by the Tower church. This is actually the oldest church in the City of London.

Today’s poser is of the Gherkin.


Now we all know this is St. Mary’s Axe, but what is the name of the private members club that sits at the top of it?

As I mentioned earlier, today was another full on meeting day, but with some positive sessions around improving support, suppliers and asset management.

I also got an opportunity to see a proof of concept for our new desktop design, and although positive, this still needs a bit of work. At least though it’s making progress, which has actually ended up being the theme of the week!

There are now 70 days to the Olympics.

Yesterday’s blog event was related to Daley Thompson, who of course won gold for Team GB in the Decathlon. A number of people thought my best mate looked like Daley. I will include a picture of them both next week if I remember and see if you can guess which one is which!

For the weekend, a more difficult one. William Smith, who won gold in what event for what country?

The highlight of the day has to go to our Telecoms team who seem to be adopting an habit of exciting me with improvements. Today they are were able to come up with a solution to connect calls using our Avaya telephone system so that internal extension calls could seemlessly divert from Dubai to anywhere in the world without breaking local country rules. Fab, although for the outsider, I guess you are wondering why! Sorry.

Enjoy your weekends! For me, it’s the last big practice ride, so not looking forward to the pain on Sunday!

  1. If you do it in the nude, £50 is yours.

    The restaurant at the top of the Gherkin is called Cock of the Walk, or possibly Walk of the Cock, or maybe Searcy’s. I imagine the salt beef is good.

    According to the Google machine, there were 5 Wliiam Smiths. 1908 London Canada Shooting; 1920 Antwerp South Africa Cycling (x2); 1920 Antwerp South Africa Boxing; 1948 London USA Swimming; 1952 Helsinki USA Wrestling. Who’da thunk so may Smiths?

    Enjoy the Sunday pain. You know you want it.

    • Searcy’s is the name I was looking for. The Smith in question was the wrestler, but I appreciate the effort you have gone to!
      If things get desperate, might take you up on the fifty quid!!

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