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England kicked off their Euro 2012 tournament with a solid performance last night. Although there was probably much debate over what would constitute a good result in the other game, I’m not sure the eventual outcome (2-1 to Ukraine) is a result that we would have wanted!

Saying that, I think it was safe to say that we were going to have to get some kind of positive result from both of the next 2 games to have any chance of qualifying and that is still true.

The highlight of yesterday’s England game had to be the commentary with some absolute corkers coming from the team. The best one being that Ribery was “having a rest” at one point when he had been clattered to the floor!

As usual, with any England game, everyone thought the referee was biased towards the opposition. It was nice to be proved correct this time!


A lot of news articles in the press around the next Apple IOS version, as they kicked off their 23rd Worldwide Developers Conference this week.

The only vaguely interesting bit so far to filter through is that IOS 6 will be made available for the iPad 2 and 4th generation iPod, which of course I own.

Apple do not appear to have a good reputation for making security updates available to their older hardware, so I was relieved that both of these made the cut, which of course means all those folk with older devices will be forced to buy new to exploit any new features or security flaws. Nice sales technique!

Another interesting theme to do with mobility is that 80% of users are likely to be running the latest IOS version (5), whilst only a paltry 7% of Android customers who are up-to-date and running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Just more bait for those folk who believe Androids should not be supported in bring your own device schemes.

Apparently this is because Androids are more complex to keep upgraded? Is this really true? Would love to know if anyone has any real life experiences, as I do not have claim to an Android device?

Must admit though that it is on my shopping list over the coming months, as would love to see how it compares to owning an Apple device.

A big focus for me at work is around self service and self support at the moment. Part of this focus is because we have to deliver services to a business that has staff in all regions and timezones of the world.

Delivering this is extremely challenging when the focus has always been on that personal service through a centralised Service Desk, so am really interested in how truely global service companies deliver this by exploiting technology and automation.

Does anyone have any real life experiences of this they would like to share, as my only experience to date has been around major technology providers like Vodafone, O2 and Samsung, where you can find knowledge based articles and self-help tutorials (videos) to aid you before you then resort to calling or having a electronic chat?

Any good or even bad examples would be great if you could provide?

  1. It makes sense that fewer Android devices are running the latest version. There is more than one vendor, each one having their own customised version of the base product, and most likely having a different customisation for each handset. Security patches are made for old versions of Android as well as the latest, so it makes more sense for vendors to just keep the latest handsets fully up-to-date and restrict the old handsets to security updates only.

    As for those “folk who believe Androids should not be supported in bring your own device schemes”. That makes about as much sense as insisting that all of your employees wear Hush Puppies. 50% of them will have their head in the sand, the other half will be hoping that Android goes away because it’s an inconvenience to them. Either way, they’ve missed the point.

    • Thanks Matt for the clarification. Certainly will make it interesting for new applications having to cater for multiple versions over time? Or am I missing something?

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