29-Aug-12 Am I being paid for this?

In Blog, Personal on August 29, 2012 at 8:25 am

In last weeks blog on Wednesday, I picked out some technical highlights from the press. This week I thought I would concentrate on a couple of technical advancements that have a direct relationship to the services my team provides and provide some insight in to what will be coming soon.

A new version of the Good for Enterprise client was released today. As most of my regular blog readers know, we use this Apple and Android app for accessing emails, calendars and contacts whilst mobile.

Version 2 has a new modernised and refreshed user interface. Next week though, the real benefits will be realised when some new features become available, as well as a Windows mobile client, following an upgrade of the Good architecture within our environment.


Now which device is mine?

Although it sneaked under the radar a few weeks back, there is now a new Polycom Real Presence app for the iPad. Although basic in it’s initial standalone functionality, you can use this app to dial in to any of our existing Polycom devices globally.

Today you need the IP address of the system you wish to dial and you have to initiate the call, but over the coming months we expect to make improvements to address these limitations and also add additional features around bridging and multi-point calls.

It’s a great simple app that can be very useful if you are roaming and need to do a face-2-face call to our Polycom systems. Of course, if you are just doing a one-2-one with another Apple user, it’s probably better to use FaceTime, as the built in app gives you everything you need.

Unsure whether there is a Android version of the Polycom Real Presence app, but maybe that is a question for my Android colleagues out there?


Who are these people? I never connected with them!

According to a report I read today, BYOD (bring your own device) is making people work an extra 20 hours a week unpaid! Good or bad this is a fact. From my own prospective, I’d rather spend my 10+ hours a week travelling being productive rather than reading the latest grim news in the press. I’m sure though this is not everyone’s take!

  1. Hi Garry,

    I can confirm that there is an Android version of the Polycom RealPresence app. It has the same functionality as the iOS version and is very good for one to one video conferences.


  2. Anything that lengthens the working day has to be bad in my book – it’s always the way with flexibility at work – It always seems to flex the way of more work.

    I like to be productive on my way in to work, it’s just that work isn’t my only productive outlet…

    • Although I can see your point Bob, I know there are times that this works to my advantage and means that I can leave on time or even early.

      It depends on your role. With mine, I’d rather be clearing up my emails on the way home rather than walking in to them the next day.

      Sent from GGTG

      • I forgot to mention that the Polycom RealPresence app does require a fairly recent phone or tablet. I believe the original iPad is incompatible as well as lower model Android smartphones. If you do want to try the app out, feel free to contact me if you’d like some assistance.

        On Rob’s point, personally i believe that having the flexibility to access emails and now run VCs whilst out of the office is great so long as the facility exists solely to allow flexibility rather than sets expectations…

      • Thanks James. Appreciate the feedback.

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