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23-Jun-13 Leading the field!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 23, 2013 at 11:08 am

Yesterday I completed my 5th Park Run, as part of my ongoing training regime. It was my third weekend on the trot at my local Nonsuch Park event and the second week on the bounce that I have completed a personal best.

Although its an early start on a Saturday, which is never easy after a working week, it’s a great opportunity to get up with some like minded runners and participate in what is such a well organised event. I always feel so much better for doing it!

With my target of 30 minutes in mind for the JP Morgan Chase Challenge, I was well on target yesterday completing my 5km run in 26 minutes and 19 seconds finishing in 140th place.


Leading the field. If only!

When I started running the park runs in December, I had no idea that I would be running 5km in this time. I now have a target of trying to get my time below 25 minutes. This might be quite a tall order!


16-Jun-13 Another PB

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 16, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Today, we went for another run. This time a a very short one after the weekend’s activities in which I broke my personal best at the Nonsuch Park Run.

We went out and did 1.18 miles with a mile time of 9 mins and 23 seconds, which was actually the fastest Grainne has run a mile, which was pleasing. I laboured a bit; probably the beers from Friday and my 5km on Saturday finally taking its toll!

The PB in my title of my blog actually refers to a fish I caught today, whilst fishing at Warwick Wold Fisheries. Not being the greatest fisherman in the world, it was nice to catch a 5Ib Carp, my biggest ever!


All in all, it’s been an absolutely brilliant weekend with my kids also spoiling me for Fathers Day today. This Custard Cream being the icing on the cake. How lucky am I?


15-Jun-13 Personal best!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 15, 2013 at 10:06 am

The last few days have been extremely draining with football on Thursday, a gig at a local pub last night and today’s park run! I’m looking forward to putting my feet up tomorrow for Father’s Day!

Thursday was tiring, as we played for just over 90 minutes without a break! It did not help that I played in midfield for most of this time, so by the time I got home, I was fit to drop.

Last night, we went to our local pub, The Station, with some friends to watch a band called Soul Rites. They were extremely good and it was certainly a lively evening down there with their mix of soulsy and bluesy numbers. Even they have a blog on WordPress, so here’s a quick plug for their blog, as they were very good. Soul Rites Blog.

And so to today’s Nonsuch Park Run 5km. After 90 minutes of football on Thursday and several beers last night, my expectations were low. In fact, I thought I would be happy to just get around alive. The good news is that I surpassed all my expectations and actually did a personal best of 27 mins and 10 seconds finishing 188 out of 330.


To get anywhere near my JP Morgan run target of around 30 mins for 3.5 miles, I am going to need to get my personal best down to below 26 mins, so still a bit to go. Now for some rest….

08-Jun-13 Big sprint finish!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 8, 2013 at 12:48 pm

So today, I did my first 5km park run since December. The next step of my training regime to build up my stamina for the JP Morgan chase in July.

With the continued good weather we are experiencing at the moment, it was great to get up and about for the 9am run at Nonsuch Park, which was a lot busier than the previous runs I have done in the winter months.

Today was all about a steady pace and I was keen to ensure that I did not push myself too hard, like the last time I ran, when I did a personal best.

After a steady start, I started upping the speed, and as can be seen from my Nikeplus graph below, I kept stepping up the speed throughout my run, which I was really pleased with.


By the way. I did run 5km. My device needs collaborating, hence 5.4km on this!

I even had breathe for a big sprint finish. Well almost (I could not catch a little boy in the last 10 yard dash)!

I’m pleased to say that my official time, according to the park run organisers was 28 mins and 23 seconds (25 seconds slower than my personal best) finishing in 213 place out of 335. Pleased with that considering my first proper week of training is completed.

05-Jun-13 Stretching and running…

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 5, 2013 at 6:21 pm

After what has been a stretching few days at work, it was nice to get out running again in my goal to get super fit for the JP Morgan challenge, now that I have officially failed to make the starting line up for Junathon!

For those who have committed themselves to this cause, I pass on my best wishes for the month ahead. Deep down I wish I was joining you, but I could just not commit to this one this time!

My approach to training over the coming weeks is to do a regular short run (getting faster each time hopefully) combined with a park run every weekend of 3 miles, which will be my real marker of how much quicker (and fitter) I am getting. This will be in addition my to normal weekly game of football, which by chance due to a change of venue, will now be increased to a 90 minute session.

So tonight’s run of 1.51 miles was completed in a time of 14 minutes and 25 seconds at a pace of 9’31” per mile. Hardly Roger Bannister, but this was an improvement of nearly a minute on my last attempt just 3 days ago. To be honest, I still had a lot in the tank, so hoping there is at least another minute or two to remove from this time.


Unfortunately this is in Km when I am working in miles at the moment on my iPod application. Need to figure out how to change settings on Nikeplus!

My target (you know I always have a target), if all goes well, is to try and do the 3.5 mile run in about 30 minutes. Is this achievable? Watch this space!

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