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In Uncategorized on November 23, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Since I am now spending much more time at home with my own tech it has occurred to me how frustrating technology can still be for the consumer; especially since we are forever being told that tech and robots will rule the world one day if not already!

Last week I invested in some new running tech; namely a Be Mighty Music Player shipped from America and Bluetooth earphones from a small UK tech company called Bitmore.

I started looking at the Be Mighty, as Apple no longer ship nano products. The advantage of the Be Mighty is that it is the first Spotify product on the market that syncs existing playlists and provides connectivity via Bluetooth earphones so someone like me can enjoy those solid sounds from the 80’s offline; avoiding the need to carry a bulky device or a device capable of still receiving annoying messages and notifications.

A week later and I still cannot pair the two items even after escalating to both companies, doing a factory reset and sharing information to their tech teams; thankfully at least I have some knowledge of what I am doing; god knows how painful it would be if you were someone with zero IT skills! Maybe they would have just not bothered with running tech and to be honest I feel that way at the moment.

Now I know Bluetooth has a number of standards; so much so that it cannot be expected that all of them are compatible, but surely companies launching this kind of tech need to be geared up for this and being able to manage people’s expectations.

It is still 6 months until I run the London Marathon so hopefully I will find a solution, but what has really surprised me is the responsiveness of the two companies who ship these products.

To be fair Be Mighty were very responsive initially through email communication, but once a obvious fix was not forthcoming they have now gone very quiet! As for the supplier of the earphones, Bitmore, they have been useless; not even responding to my emails, tweets or phone call; to be honest I think they have gone under, but that raises a whole host of other things to consider in this world where tech seems to come and go very quickly!


Back running again..

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm

So I am now back in the groove running after a long break; with the goal of starting to build my training for the London Marathon next year.

Today was a very slow time, as trying to encourage my running partner, Grainne, to get herself back out again; she was suffering from a cold so we took it really easy; anyhow a small 4km under our belt…

What we do – Lengthorn Consultancy Ltd

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2018 at 1:39 pm

And here’s what we services we provide….


Advice and recommendation of technology solutions to kick start a new business or scale a medium to enterprise organisation to grow their services and capabilities. Specifically, in the areas of:

➢ Implementing technology solutions around telephony, office productivity, collaboration and CRM solutions

➢ Developing a digital strategy

➢ Driving a technical roadmap in support of business activities

➢ Untangling the complexities of licensing to exploit full use of business

solutions and reduce unnecessary costs

➢ Demystifying technology jargon; especially around cloud and existing IT

services that have been implemented

➢ Assisting in risk assessments; around Cyber and insider threats

➢ Assisting in negotiating complex IT agreements and delivering

operational efficiencies and or reduced costs

➢ Mentoring senior management and IT professionals


Garry Lengthorn has over 30 years experience in the IT sector with over 20 of those years in senior management roles driving strategy and being a key decision maker.

In his most recent appointment at SThree he played a key role in:

➢ Enabling their European business to grow from just over 600 recruitment consultants to over 3000 in multiple global locations

➢ Supported SThree in becoming a public limited company with a successful track record of achieving significant growth targets managing annual IT budgets in excess of £14m

➢ Mitigating key threats to data from Cyber and insider crime

➢ Mentoring internal and external staff who were looking to develop their

recruitment, IT and management skills

➢ Driving significant digital projects including the implementation and

adoption of Salesforce, SAP and Office 365

➢ Transitioning over 200 Support Services staff (including all the IT

function) from London to Glasgow, as part of a £4m cost efficiency project


We provide a very simple engagement exercise which ensures that our interaction provides significant value and return for our clients:

➢ An initial scoping exercise to understand what business issue or opportunity our engagement is expected to deliver?

➢ A comprehensive engagement with the business sponsor(s) and suppliers to ensure the potential solutions and or opportunities can be fully evaluated, and a solution proposed

➢ A documented proposal explaining the options, risks and commercial details with a clear proposal to move to an implemented solution


Mark Kelly – AI Exec Search

Garry was our global Director of IT Services when we worked together and is an extremely knowledgeable individual around managing technology and people. I recently engaged him for some assistance in setting up my new venture and he was instrumental in recommending a suitable solution.

Carl Clayton – Dell Secureworks

Garry’s wealth of knowledge is vast. My dealings with him have been varied and I have been impressed with his ability to identify areas in which he and his team can introduce best practice in order to improve efficiencies to help drive the business forward.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Garry in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending Garry to anyone who is looking to launch a business idea or an established enterprise that needs someone to identify areas to improve upon to benefit the whole business.

Launch with lunch of Lengthorn Consultancy Ltd

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2018 at 1:33 pm

On Monday, myself and my wife Grainne, launched our new business venture.

Lengthorn Consultancy Ltd uses the strength of my IT and people knowledge gained over 30 years in the industry to help small to medium business get off the ground and or to go to the next level.

It was only appropriate that my wife of 26 years becomes my partner on this exciting new stage of our life and the only way to launch this was via a business lunch in the City of London.

Back online

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2018 at 1:28 pm

After several years of no activity I am now actively creating blog posts again….

14-Jul-13 British 10k!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on July 14, 2013 at 5:41 pm

So today was probably one of the warmest days of the year and also the date of the British 10k in London.

After many weeks of training and suffering (OK, it’s not been that bad), I felt I was as prepared as well as I could be. Maybe not ideal to be running only 4 days after the JP Morgan challenge, but that’s life.

I had decided from the very start that I just wanted to make it an enjoyable experience; especially as the run the other night was very painful. It all started well with me settling in to a very consistent stride for the first 3k with a water stop complemented by seeing my nearest and dearest (Grainne, Thomas and Georgina).

It was then the hardest part of the course, as the next 5k was run in mainly bright sunshine and one of the warmest days in London this year. Thankfully at 8k (Westminster Bridge), it was nice to see my loved ones yet again and this gave me the encouragement I needed for the last couple of kilometres.

By 9k, my legs were starting to feel a tad heavy, but I was able to pick things up and come in a respectable time of 1 hour and 54 seconds. Just like the last run, 50+ seconds divided me between my target!

It was a great event that was awe inspiring to run considering the range of abilities that ran to support many charities. Hats off to everyone who completed, but especially the SThree team, some of which made this photo shoot at Trafalgar Square with SOS Children’s Villages.


11-Jul-13 Warm up for 10k…

In Blog, Personal, Sports on July 11, 2013 at 8:06 am

So after several weeks of Park Runs and training, last night I completed the 5.6k JP Morgan Challenge at Battersea Park with a number of my work chums from SThree.

Some would say conditions were ideal, as for the rest of us amateurs, it was extremely warm and therefore a tad draining.

After a couple of pints the previous night to ensure I was fully hydrated, I felt I was feeling in good shape; that was until I started running!

Over the last few weeks, I seem to have been struggling from a stomach pain on and off, and last night, I had to bear the brunt of this for all 3 and half miles, which was not a pleasant experience.

Saying that, I dug deep and completed my run in 30 minutes and 50 seconds meaning I missed my target by 50 seconds!


Saying that, I have to be pleased with this and hopefully this sets me up well for the British 10k I am completing on Sunday; also with some of my work colleagues. Please feel free to sponsor me at the following link, as raising money for SOS Children’s villages.

Well done to all of our team from SThree who gave up their time to run last night whether that be to get a great time or simply get round; superb effort!

04-Jul-13 Great ball from Bala!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on July 4, 2013 at 11:19 pm

Tonight was football night and another part of my training regime; a very important weekly activity, as I find the stop / start nature of the game, as well as short sharp sprints all help my breathing and general fitness.

Only one goal, as my role was a lot more defensive than usual, but pleased with my own personal contribution, as I ran virtually the length of the pitch to make an incisive pass from Bala (oops Bappa)!

As I write my blog, I can feel some aching joints, but can live with this, as this could be my last stretching workout until the 5k next Wednesday; saying that, I’ve got a charity cricket day on Sunday (four games at 20 over’s each)!

As all the regular bloggers know, its nice to include a image or two, as that always brings your blog to life; unfortunately this is difficult to do on a football pitch, so instead a screen shot of my donation page for the British 10k I am doing next Sunday.


02-Jul-13 Injury free!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on July 2, 2013 at 8:17 pm

After 9 days of no running due to a stomach problem, it was nice to get out tonight and do some miles.

It’s funny when you go out sometimes and you don’t feel right and tonight was one of those nights! It probably did not help that I did not eat dinner until late and then went running about an or so later at 9 o’clock.

My intention was to try and complete 4-5 miles, but in the end I struggled to make 3.4 miles; to be fair though, I did go off at quite a fast pace, so not completely surprised!

My time in the end was not that bad with the exertions being completed in just over 31 minutes. I was pleased with that considering the route I took entailed a significant big hill near the end.


With just over a week to go now to the 5km JP Morgan run at Battersea Park, I will say that my confidence is a tad low, but I’m determined to try and pack in a few miles over the next week or so to hopefully give myself a chance of a decent time.

With my commitment now to the British 10km in London only 4 days later (14th July), I’m now unashamedly looking for sponsorship at the following link. Any donations of any size are gratefully accepted!

23-Jun-13 Leading the field!

In Blog, Personal, Sports on June 23, 2013 at 11:08 am

Yesterday I completed my 5th Park Run, as part of my ongoing training regime. It was my third weekend on the trot at my local Nonsuch Park event and the second week on the bounce that I have completed a personal best.

Although its an early start on a Saturday, which is never easy after a working week, it’s a great opportunity to get up with some like minded runners and participate in what is such a well organised event. I always feel so much better for doing it!

With my target of 30 minutes in mind for the JP Morgan Chase Challenge, I was well on target yesterday completing my 5km run in 26 minutes and 19 seconds finishing in 140th place.


Leading the field. If only!

When I started running the park runs in December, I had no idea that I would be running 5km in this time. I now have a target of trying to get my time below 25 minutes. This might be quite a tall order!

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