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06-Nov-12 Britpop Windows!

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The mid nineties might be remembered for the age of Britpop dominated by bands such as Oasis and Blur, but its hard to believe that 17 years ago the first Microsoft operating system to introduce Internet Explorer was released.

Windows 95, back in the day, was a bit of a game changer, as Microsoft promised that it was the biggest transformation in desktop computing (at the time).


Back then, Microsoft were the leading software company in the world, as IBM faded from being the previous masters. Apple were only a little thorn in Bill Gates side at the time; how times have changed.

95 was significant, as it was truly Microsoft’s first attempt at a proper network operating system, after 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups) followed Windows 3.

These were indeed special times, as the iconic start menu button was released to the world and Microsoft were keen to get Internet Explorer released, as there was a view that the World Wide Web might become quite a big thing!

The current Windows 8 version might also be an iconic release for Windows, as the world and the desktop space has certainly changed dramatically. Let’s hope this version keeps them in the game, as although not always the most popular giant, they have certainly transformed my industry and my life over the last 20 years!



23-Oct-12 Friday night dinner!

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I’ve been a bit irregular with my blogs of late, hence today I felt I was due one! Especially as I needed cheering up, as work has been a tad stressful recently. Too many road maps, budgets and business cases!

What made me giggle at lunchtime was a wonderful quote that my daughter sent me from ‘Friday Night Dinner’, a comedy on Channel 4 in the UK, which has been reduced to  ‘peak’ viewing on Sunday at 10 o’clock!

Although initially drawn to the first series via Simon Bird (Inbetweeners), who plays one of the sons, Adam (or is it Jonny), it was actually the character of Jim (played by Mark Heap), who completely steals the show.

Jim is a very strange neighbour, who is scared of the most cutest Alsatian (Wilson) you have ever seen, and always appears at the most inconvenient time for help.


Jim. Brilliant, albeit a bit strange!


Wilson. Cute and not scary at all!

If you get a chance and want an introduction to the now hilarious second series, watch this clip from last Sunday.

It had me in stitches!

12-Oct-12 No more budgets please!

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The end of another week! Budgets, budgets and more budgets this week, but at least I’ve got to a stage where first drafts have been submitted!

This week, I’ve had lots of opportunities to play with my new Google Nexus 7 and I have to stay that I am very impressed.

Yes it lacks the screen estate of the iPad and also 3G, but what a reliable device this is for my particular needs; especially as I use it for work via Good to access my email and calendar (much better than an Apple device, as it syncs in the background when a network connection is present), my social interaction via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, as well as accessing my personal emails.

As I am fortunate enough to use a Mi-Fi device (mobile dongle), I can use the two hour commute each day to full effect.

This week, I was an attendee at our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee meeting, which was hosted by our chairman, Clay Blendish, as I represent the technology strand at SThree. For those who are not familiar with CSR, typically its focus is about how your organisation supports the environment, community and workplace.


It was an absolute pleasure to get to meet Clay and get first hand experience of his business knowledge that has clearly made him successful. I am also working on this project with some extremely talented SThree staff, which is also exciting.

I’ve since been reminded that Clay owns a Fishery. Hmm. One of my personal targets is eating a fish I catch! I wonder if I dare mention!

I also started my investigations this week in to Solar panel systems. As you are probably aware, the government is providing incentives for home owners to install these systems, which involve a number of large panels installed on the roof.

Its a bit like buying double glazing, whereby the salesman just think you will pay the first price quoted (typically 30-40% dearer than it should be). With these solutions, its probably even easier to sell, as you actually get a return due to an annual cash refund incentive, as well as a reduction in your bill. I intend to follow up with these over the weekend and will keep you updated on my shrewd negotiations!


Use up as much power as you like Grainne. Its sunny out here!


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A good football session last night was rounded off by a few weekly beers. Thomas, my son, played for the first time in months (scored 5 goals) and I have to say how wonderful it is to play in the same team considering our age difference (especially as he has so much energy)!

Euro 2012 kicks off today and what a shame that the scumbag of society are trying to blight a major sporting event with racism and or anti-semitism.

We can only keep our fingers crossed that the next few weeks go smoothly without any team having to resort to walking off the pitch or cancelling their training routine, but I do hope that someone senior in the football world (take some responsibility Platini) makes decisions on events in future that are for the good of the game and not for the money!

Come on England. Let’s have a good tournament (for once)!


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What a brilliant bit of television last night. The first episode of the secret history of our streets was about the place where I spent all of my childhood and teenage years.


I never knew this insight in to what transformed Deptford and it was absolutely fascinating, albeit a tad annoying and disappointing that the council had such a big role to play.

Looking forward to the next episode, which is about Camberwell Grove.

As the LinkedIn fiasco continued, I took the opportunity last night to change my password and download a new version of their app to my Apple devices, as apparently the new version contains a number of bug fixes!

Had an interesting debate with one of my colleagues, Mathias Ziolo, on the Facebook article I covered yesterday. He thinks Twitter might disappear first, as Facebook more profitable. Interesting angle? Anyone else any views?

Is it me or does anyone else like Twibbons? Today ITV launched one to support your team in the Euro’s, hence I’ve updated my profile picture appropriately!

The first underground stations to get WiFi have been announced. None of them are on my route!

Nice article about boosting your Windows 7 laptop performance. My suggestion would be spend the money on an iPad! Would I have said that a year ago!

To close, I have to say how humble I was today to be sent a bottle of bubbly by some of my colleagues in relation to my recent promotion. SThree and it’s staff really do show their values!


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So the end of the jubilee weekend and what a special one it’s been making you proud to be British!

Was it me or did the Red Arrows and Madness steal the show?


We certainly have a very patriotic summer ahead with the Euros and the Olympics and lets hope that the spirit demonstrated gives everyone the boost to go that step further!

With that in mind, only 3 days now to the start of Euro 2012.

Yesterday’s Euro 2012 team flag was Croatia.

For a nation that only gained independence in 1991, Croatia have needed little time to settle at major tournaments. At their first, Euro ’96 in England, they made the quarter-finals, losing 2-1 to Germany.

Today’s flag.


This afternoon, we spent the day in (again) watching the television, as not much choice considering it rained yet again!

What’s the chances it will rain tomorrow when we are all back to work?

There are now 52 days to the Olympics. Yesterdays event that includes a iron cross, a Maltese cross and handstand routines was the Gymnastic Rings discipline.

Today’s event includes 70 minutes of playing time, a bully to kick start the game and a point for scoring?

My highlight today was my first ever attempt at a Carbonara pasta dish and it appeared to go down very well at home!


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Georgina’s birthday today. Happy sweet 16th to my lovely daughter. Hope she has thoroughly enjoyed her day and has a great night out with her friends this evening.

We went through the traditional card and present opening this morning and she’s been a very lucky girl.

Even JLS official wished her a happy birthday, which was no doubt her highlight of the day!


Only 4 days now to the start of Euro 2012 and yet another England injury reducing our expectations even further. Maybe this is a good thing?

Yesterday’s Euro 2012 team flag was Spain.

Spain are the defending champions and it’s difficult to see someone else taking their crown, unless a dogged Chelsea type performance can frustrate them!

Today’s flag.


This afternoon, we did what everyone else has probably done this weekend and ended up at a DIY store, as our attempt to cut the garden hedge failed, as the hedge trimmer gave up the ghost and it started raining (again)!

What joy. Damn weather!

There are now 53 days to the Olympics. Yesterdays event that includes a whirl of one and half turns in a circle to get involved is the Discus.

Today’s event includes a iron cross, Maltese cross and handstand routines! What discipline though?

The highlight of the day is my daughters birthday. Sweet sixteen. How quick those years have gone!


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What a start to the jubilee weekend with a fabulous family get together last night in London.

Like for my Dad’s 80th, we gathered in the Mulberry bush on the South Bank for Georgina’s sweet 16 celebration.

It was great to be in London on the Queens jubilee weekend and it was fab to see all the decorations in place for the celebrations!

Only 5 days now to the start of Euro 2012 and, although I did not see the game, I believe England are in cracking form (2 more years of hurt, Jules Rimet still gleaming…..)!


Yesterday’s Euro 2012 team flag was the Republic of Ireland. The team we will start supporting when England fail to qualify due to the family roots!

Ireland, like Poland the day before, don’t have a great pedigree in this tournament, qualifying only once and failing at the group stages in 1988.

Today’s flag.


This afternoon, we were going off to London to watch the river pageant on the Thames, but decided against it after seeing the thousands of people thronging the banks!

There are now 54 days to the Olympics. Yesterdays event that includes a bar, box and pit was the Pole Vault.

Today’s event includes a whirl of one and half turns in a circle to get involved?

The highlight of the day will hopefully be the pageant (on TV), as no other country in the World can do something like this.


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Day 1 of a 4 day jubilee and the start of Georgina’s 16th birthday celebrations with a family meal.

The only spanner in the works is the weather! What’s happened to that sun we had last week?

Only 6 days now to the start of Euro 2012. Let’s hope England have enough players to start the tournament!


If you want to make sure this years tournament is a bit more interesting, sign up to this brilliant online tournament that my colleague at work has developed. It’s free to enter and feel free to join the Lengthorn group league. All you need to do is correctly guess the scores of each game to win points and your league.

Yesterday’s Euro 2012 team flag was of course one of the co-hosts Poland.

Poland don’t have a great track record at the Euros qualifying only once and failing to get out of the group stage in 2008 (sound familiar England fans).

Today’s flag.


Should be easy?

Locally to us today we had the world famous Epsom Derby. Considering we’ve lived local for over 20 years, we’ve only been once to the main event. Shocking! Maybe next year?

My Twitter grapevine was quite quiet today, but some jubilee tweets.

Samsung are running a competition where you can win a smart camera by sending them a picture of your jubilee moment. They won’t be sunny shots!

The queen is attending the race day at Epsom. We have told her she is more than welcome to pop in for afternoon tea.

There are now 55 days to the Olympics. Yesterdays event that includes K and C events, as well as slalom and sprints was canoeing.

Today’s event includes a bar, box and pit! Sounds like a drinking venue?

The highlight of the day has to he family get together for Georgina’s 16th. We are very lucky to have a very close family and today I’m sure will be fun as always.

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